Nina Zucker: Main Photo

National Client Exposure

Below is just a sampling of the level of national exposure that Nina Zucker Associates has brought clients over the years:

The first public exhibition initiative in 190 years for the oldest learned society in the U.S., located adjacent to Independence Hall, resulted in first-time, widespread national and regional coverage (despite debuting only weeks after 9/11) for the institution, including AP, New York Times, USA Today, NPR, Museum News, 21st Century Science & Technology Mag, Science Magazine, Destinations Magazine, Preservation Magazine, Best Fares Magazine, Magazine Antiques and more. Additional coverage included Philadelphia Inquirer, Courier Post, Trenton Times, Pennsylvania Cable Network, CN8, KYW Newsradio, Metro Networks, all regional dailies and weeklies and more.

The premiere of country legend Larry Gatlin’s first musical resulted in coverage on TNN The Nashville Network; Larry King Live; Regis & Kathie Lee, who not only talked about it on two separate shows but came in to see the show; and CNN’s Showbiz Today.

JACK ENGELHARD/Indecent Proposal
The release and promotion of author Jack Engelhard’s book helped create a nationwide phenomenon with the question: Would you spend the night with someone other than your spouse for a million dollars? We were able to generate extensive publicity including live appearances on The Today Show and Larry King Live; The New York Times; two stories in Liz Smith’s nationally syndicated column; entertainment features in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Daily and Weekly Variety, Associated Press as well as convincing Rush Limbaugh to make it the topic of an entire broadcast.

The presentation of the first week-long international dance festival and conference drew more than 60 premier dance companies from around the globe and over 1000 dancers, choreographers, instructors, students and enthusiasts to Philadelphia. In addition to closing sponsorships totaling $100,000, and coordinating the opening-night gala events, we were able to generate both advance and event national coverage including The New York Times, Asian World Journal, NPR, Dance Magazine and more.

One of the oldest and most prestigious science awards programs in the world, the Franklin Institute Awards has received slight media coverage in the past, and while notable within the scientific community, was basically unknown to the broader public. With merely 3 months lead time, and as the first outside consultant to be utilized by the organization, Nina Zucker Associates developed and implemented a PR effort that created a new strategic direction for the program that generated national and international visibility for the first time, including such sources as: Associated Press; Japan Times; Japan Today; Kyodo News; Hoover's; Lancaster News (UK); Chemie.De News (Switzerland); CNET News; Knight-Ridder Tribune Business News; NPR; Paul Harvey; Sacramento Bee; The Scientist; Geo Times Magazine; Science Magazine; Philadelphia Inquirer; Newark Star Ledger; Philadelphia Business Journal; Philadelphia Tribune; Philadelphia Daily News and more. In addition, we generated widespread regional visibility with the first-time negotiation of multi-page promotion insertion supplements in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, television and radio media partnerships and surpassed audience and ticket sales goals.

With four days notice, Nina Zucker Associates coordinated a full-court press effort to maximize exposure for Little Souls, Inc., a hand-crafted doll manufacturer in suburban Philadelphia, around a campaign stop for Vice President Al Gore and Senator Joe Lieberman. In addition to live coverage by every major network and the campaign press corps, we were able to generate over 150 national and regional print mentions, as well as more than 85 national and regional broadcast stories, over 50 of which specifically highlighted the client. Spotlights included The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, USA Today, Associated Press and Reuters.

For the introduction of a revolutionary zinc gluconate lozenge -- a breakthrough cold remedy invented by a Philadelphia chemist and distributed by a Bucks County corporation, we were able to land a live appearance on CNBC’s WHAT’S NEW?; radio stories on the Pennsylvania Radio Network’s 80+ statewide stations; publication placements including and ongoing endorsements by talk show host Joan Hamburg of WOR Radio.

JEFF LOTMAN/ Animation Art: The Later Years and Website Launch
The owner of the largest collection of pre-war animation art in the world, and author of the two-volume Animation Art: The Early Years, Jeff Lotman was a noted figure in the animation industry. For the release of his second series, however, and the launch of his own website, we were able to build a mainstream national reputation for him -- coordinating a book-signing/auction at the renowned Christie’s East, and generating coverage that included feature stories in Cigar Aficionado, Wired Online, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Boston Globe and Collector’s Showcase, and highlighted items in Robb Report, Entertainment Weekly, Antiques & Auction News, Antique Weekly, Web Magazine, Yahoo, America Online Entertainment News, and more.

As one of the major lighting designers of the 1988 Summer Olympics, we made McManus Olympians themselves, through coverage in Fortune and Forbes Magazines, The New York Times, Associated Press and ABC.

1988 Winter Olympics NATALIE AND WAYNE SEYBOLD/ US Bronze Pairs Medalists
Through broad-based publicity efforts, the story of the brother-sister team from Marion, Indiana whose town raised the funds needed to send them to the Olympics became one of the primary stories of the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. From stories in Associated Press, The New York Times, L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune, People Magazine; to up close and personal profiles on ABC; and interviews on all major networks, they ended up champions despite not winning a medal.

SAL PAOLANTONIO/ Frank Rizzo: The Last Big Man in Big City America
Launch and promotion of respected journalist Sal Paolantonio’s book resulted in coverage including feature/reviews in The Wall Street Journal; Washington Post; Trenton Times; Asbury Park Press and The Philadelphia Inquirer; reviews in both The Library Journal and Publisher’s Weekly; an Associated Press feature story that ran across the country; and radio interviews from Philadelphia to Denver and more.

A potential tragedy turned into a publicity boon for the Ballet when we turned the country upside down for three days, in the hunt for a stolen van filled with $85,000 worth of tutus. The story was picked up and followed by every major news source, including networks, CNN and CNBC, The New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, New York Daily News and The New York Post, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun and the radio networks. The massive coverage, reported on every newscast, resulted in the safe return of the borrowed tutus.

Crisis management diffused a critical situation when the Ballet suddenly lost its Artistic Director. By taking immediate control and providing strategic counseling, as well as access and information to the media through interviews and a press conference in less than 24 hours, the Ballet was able to ride out the crisis with optimum positive press. Coverage included The New York Times; L.A. Times; San Francisco Chronicle; New York Post; Dance Magazine; Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News; Asbury Park Press; Associated Press and Reuters.
We underscored our reputation as starmakers with the placement of Pennsylvania Ballet ballerina Cara Oculato in PEOPLE Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People” issue. The full-page photo and profile drew subsequent attention from around the country, resulting in media exposure on CNN; CNBC; Dance Magazine; a profile by syndicated writer Marilyn Lois Polak; and more.

The July 4, 2005 Philadelphia Freedom Concert and Ball headlined by Sir Elton John drew well over 500,000 people to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, was seen by a television audience of over a half-million others and raised a net total of $1.1 million for the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the Philadelphia-based Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld Fund, making it the largest HIV/AIDS fundraiser in Philadelphia history and the largest outdoor HIV/AIDS awareness concert ever held. The landmark effort produced a star-studded concert featuring Bryan Adams, host Wayne Brady, Patti LaBelle, Peter Nero and the Philly Pops, co-host Bruce Vilanch, Rufus Wainwright and guest presenters Walter Cronkite and Billie Jean King, as well as a month-long awareness campaign that resulted in the largest HIV/AIDS awareness effort ever in the region, with more than 100 AIDS education events held between June 1 and July 4th, including an integrated week of free testing efforts around the City of Philadelphia.

From the announcement press conferences (including a live satellite hook-up between Phila City Hall and Elton John in Las Vegas) to processing and credentialing over 400 members of the global  media for events including the City of Brotherly Love Award Ceremony at Independence Hall and the evening’s concert and ball, to coordinating efforts with the massive Live 8 Concert for Poverty that was held the same weekend, we generated news throughout the U.S., Canada, the UK and around the world, including AP, Billboard, Bravo, Eurovision Americas, Fodors Travel wire, Getty Images, KTUH from Honolulu, New York Post, NY1, PAX TV, Photo Press International, Reuters, Retna, Rolling Stone, USA Today,, Washington Blade, Washington Post, Weather Channel, Wire Images, major dailies, weeklies and industry trades, The Advocate, Out, national and international gay press, travel press, television and radio, Internet blogs and more, that ranged from feature stories to front page and cover stories, editorials to highlight items, network and cable tv feature packages to broadcast news coverage and advertorial supplements.

Working in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office, the Elton John AIDS Foundation in NY, LA and UK, the city’s tourism agencies, HIV/AIDS service agencies and more, we were able to generate full-court sponsorship and promotion that included a live tv broadcast, 12 full-page ads in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, full page ads in Daily Variety, billboards in NY and Boston and more, ultimately generating coverage that resulted in more than 86,000 Google press hits as well as thousands of hard press clips.

15th Anniversary Celebration honoring Supreme Court Justice William Brennan and including the first-ever Philadelphia Symposium on Civil Liberties, emceed by renowned broadcast journalist, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, resulted in coverage across the country through Associated Press, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek, all major networks and cable news outlets and more.